The incident with our dog and the workers

  I have now been at my current workaway for 2 weeks painting my life away for a resort that will donate 50% of profit to Orangutan Project and have finally begun to really see the workers on site that have been here since my first day. I feel pretty ashamed that I didn’t give […]

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Tongka Village and the Forest

I have been traveling for 3 months now and have volunteered with a few wonderful organizations and received my yoga teacher training near the holy city, Rishikesh, India. My most recent journey was to a small Dayak village in Central Kalimantan, Borneo. The village of Tongka was on my list of places to visit because […]

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I grew up outside of Chicago and studied English in college. I went off to grad school thinking I was going to be an English professor, but after getting my master’s, I took a year off and tended bar. One night a friend of mine said she’d met the managing editor of Outside magazine and that she thought I should apply for their internship program.

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Welcome to India

The Taj Mahal took my breath away. I’m so glad I had a guide walk me through and explain some of its beauty. He was a beautiful story teller and I teared up a bit when he was explaining the love story behind it. I’m pretty sure said guide also felt my bum when we […]

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More beautiful adventure photos

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