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Music is such an important factor in my life and throughout my travels, I’ve gravitated toward certain songs in certain cities. I thought I would share and hopefully I could also get a few more suggestions for songs to listen to or playlists on Spotify. I need some new tunes to dance around to!



Delilah – Florence + the Machine

I loved listening to this song in Bangkok because the culture shock there made me frustrated and angry and this song helped me dance out my anger in my hotel room at Kao San Rd.

Chiang Mai

Style – Taylor Swift

Don’t judge! I was starting to get home sick after the first month and this song made me happy because it reminded me of one of my fun nights with a good friend singing this song at the top of our lungs.

Mcleod Ganj/Dharamsala

How Big How Blue How Beautiful – Florence + the Machine

Breathtaking and majestic.
Breathtaking and majestic.

Seeing the Himalayas for the first time awakened my spiritual side. These mountains took my breath away. They looked illuminated and majestic with the powdery white snow caps against the clear blue skies. The song resonated with me and what I was experiencing.


Third Eye – Florence + the Machine

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

XO – John Mayer

Hey Jude – The Beatles

Meditating by the Ganges was pretty powerful
Meditating by the Ganges was pretty powerful

I was in Rishikesh for 6 weeks, so there were several songs I listened to often, but I also created a Spotify playlist for the first yoga class I taught that you can access here. Rishikesh was where I worked on finding my center and aligning my behaviors with my beliefs. These songs were all soothing to my soul.


Throw Down Your Guns – Wild Belle

I could not stop repeating this song! One of my lovely friends posted it on their Facebook and I was instantly hooked. Thanks, Amy!

Also El Perdon – Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias

This song not only made me feel like shaking my bum and was my go to for recharging when painting was becoming annoying and tiring, but the lyrics reminded me of certain people and situations in my life.

Now I’m curious about your music! What song can you not get out of your head? Is there anything you’re listening to that automatically makes you dance? Is there a new album that you actually enjoy every song and can play over and over again?


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