I grew up outside of Chicago and studied English in college. I went off to grad school thinking I was going to be an English professor, but after getting my master’s, I took a year off and tended bar. One night a friend of mine said she’d met the managing editor of Outside magazine and that she thought I should apply for their internship program.

Welcome to India

The Taj Mahal took my breath away. I’m so glad I had a guide walk me through and explain some of its beauty. He was a beautiful story teller and I teared up a bit when he was explaining the love story behind it. I’m pretty sure said guide also felt my bum when we […]

rescued elephants

A lot of eminent historians and archaeologists insist that Plato invented Atlantis completely, but the explanation that the most important philosopher of all time would just make up this elaborate story about a sunken city and stick it at the beginning of what may have been his most ambitious work strikes me, at the very least, as a little weird. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lacus eu erat integer bibendum rutrum, sed arcu molestie, in quis...

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