Chiang Mai Mountains

I would have been happy leaving Chiang Mai with only experiencing the adorableness that is the old city Chiang Mai without seeing or trekking the neighboring mountains or the famous temples at their tops. Having read several blogs about Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep, the consensus was how hectic it felt to be at these […]

Yoga – My therapy throughout my travels

There have been a handful of times during my 4ish months of travel that my asana practice has made me cry, but several more times that is has helped me cope and work through my emotions. Anytime we experience an emotion our muscles and cells also experience them as well. When we are happy our […]

My travel music

Music is such an important factor in my life and throughout my travels, I’ve gravitated toward certain songs in certain cities. I thought I would share and hopefully I could also get a few more suggestions for songs to listen to or playlists on Spotify. I need some new tunes to dance around to! IMG_2747 […]

Creating space and the enjoyment of solo travels

Generally, I love being on my own. I don’t mind eating alone in restaurants and also really loved getting to travel for work and adventuring on my own through the cities work would take me to. That being said, there have been several awe inspiring moments through my solo travel these last few months, that […]

The incident with our dog and the workers

  I have now been at my current workaway for 2 weeks painting my life away for a resort that will donate 50% of profit to Orangutan Project and have finally begun to really see the workers on site that have been here since my first day. I feel pretty ashamed that I didn’t give […]

Tongka Village and the Forest

I have been traveling for 3 months now and have volunteered with a few wonderful organizations and received my yoga teacher training near the holy city, Rishikesh, India. My most recent journey was to a small Dayak village in Central Kalimantan, Borneo. The village of Tongka was on my list of places to visit because […]

More beautiful adventure photos

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