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I am not an extremist with my views on elephants riding. Out of consideration for those who do not care for graphic images I will instead post rescued elephants that are now happy and ask those thinking about elephant riding or going to a circus to google images of pajaan. If you can stomach those images without having your stomach turn I’d be very surprised. ALL elephants that are ridden must go through this process for them to obediently give tourists rides all day even though it is painful for them to do so. They still have the mahouts poking and prodding them with nails hiding between their fingers so tourists don’t see the abuse, but even after pajaan, they are continually abused. I understand that elephant riding is something on most of my friends bucket lists because elephants are really truly magical and beautiful and I would venture to guess that about 90% have no idea that all elephants must go through pajaan to become riding elephants. Please don’t ride elephants.


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